Monday, October 31, 2011

Top 10 Cydia Apps

Various apps are now widely used in most of available iPhones. These applications have many interesting and important features. Anyone can access and utilize these apps on iPhone for different purposes. First of all, redsnow software is certainly required to install for unlocking an iPhone. After unlocking an iPod or IPhone, different apps can be added to the handset through Cydia. There are many apps now accessible through Cydia tools. People can choose these best and useful apps for iPhones according to the choice.

There are many applications accessible for iPods and iPhones through Cydia. People can choose and utilize these best applications according to their choice. These applications have many interesting and helpful features for iPhone users.

1. Backgrounder

Backgrounder permits people to play multimedia when use an application. It has many interesting features. This application requires a certain free memory for its functioning. If someone has a light program, then he can easily enjoy with this application.

2. Cydelete

Cydia applications can be removed using this application without entering into Cydia applications. Cydelete will be easily uninstalled the Cydia applications in a few seconds. This is a user friendly application.

3. Dtunes

One can able to download unlimited free mp3 tunes on iPhones using this application. It has many amazing features including searching and downloading of mp3 tunes from various available sources on internet. Users can easily access Dtunes for their iPhones.

4. FontSwap

FontSwap application can be used to change the font in the iPhone or iPod Touch. This application allows people to download the different font packs from different sources on the web. People can easily replace or update the font of iPhone using this application.

5. Fivelrows

This is actually a hacking program for iPhone or iPod home screen rather than an application. It has many helpful features for iPhone users. People can save more icons by changing the default interface using this application.

6. Icy

Icy is a replacement tool for Cydia apps. It has a polite and better interface than Cydia. It is recommended that people should use only one app from Icy and Cydia at a time on their devices. Icy’s stability is not much as it often crashes when both Icy and Cydia are installed.

7. Mxtube

It is a very helpful and amazing application. People can directly download Youtube videos on their handsets using this application. It has many interesting and useful features. However, it is recently noticed that it is creating some problem during downloading of videos. 

8. OpenSSH

This is a very helpful application for transferring of files. People can upload PDF files to their iPhones or iPods using this application. It has also many other interesting features. It has a special feature for creating custom icons on iPhones.

9. Sbsettings

This is included in some important available application on Cydia tools. This application can be used to change the setting of an iPhone. It has many amazing features. People can easily access the settings of their devices using this helpful application. This is a user-friendly and very useful application for iPhone users.

10. Winterboard

It is one of the best applications among all available applications. Winterboard has many interesting and useful features. It can be used to modify the background, status bar, theme, visual styles and dock icons of an iPhone.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Top 5 Mobile Car Apps for the Future

Sometimes ago, apps were only dominated in the smartphones. But apps are now become an important part of driving due to smarting up of cars as well. Smartphone apps are usually attached with the electric vehicles. These apps can track the level of charging and control the different functions of vehicle.  Vehicles can able to communicate with the mobiles using built-in software for apps. It can change the way of driving using available car apps as describe here.

1. Leaf iPhone App of Nissan

Nissan is introducing the Leaf iPhone app along with its application. People can easily check the battery life of the cars using this app. Moreover, it can also inform about the required time and cost to recharge the battery. Leaf owners can able to detect the internal temperature. It can also be used to remotely turn on the heater and air-conditioner. It is similarly operated as a remote control. However, people can easily detect the extra heating and cooling spends with the added temperature information application.

2. OnStar Mobile App of General Motors

Mobile app idea of Nissan was greatly inspired the General Motors. Now, apps of GM will also be available for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. It allows the users to track the battery level and provide remote control functions. Moreover, it can send the alerts about recharging of battery. Its users can also remotely open the locks of car doors. GM is collaborated with Google to operate the Volt with Android mobile operating system. It is expected that this collaboration will provide the more integrated functionalities.

3. Sync AppLink of Ford

Ford is recently introduced the Sync AppLink for Android and BlackBerry. Its users can easily be communicated now using voice command control system on mobile apps. Car manufacturers are now looking to develop the software in collaboration with Microsoft. Sync users are not only able to use the voice commands for play music or make calls but can also access the third party apps as well. Ford is using good voice recognition technology in this Sync app. It is expected that Sync can be more integrated with the Windows based automotive as in Ford Fiesta car.

4. ChargePoint App of Coulomb

This iPhone application is now easily available at any electric vehicle charging station. People can easily stop, start and monitor the charging session at station using this app.

5. Strange App Plans of Nokia

Nokia in collaboration with five major car companies is announcing the integrated mobile app specification technology for cars. This is firstly launching in Europe with BMW, Porsche, Audi, Daimler and Volkswagen. It is expected that Nokia will provide the more integrated technology for mobile phone car apps.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Top 50 Most Popular Forex Websites

There are so many Forex websites which are always competing for the ranking. Here I have compiled a list of top 50 most popular websites.

Here are the top 50 Forex websites:

1 –

This website is for online forex trading and it also provide currency exchange services to traders.

2 – Easy-Forex

This website is having online foreign exchange trading system which includes forex charts, analysis, forecasts, exchange rates, news, and forex tutorials.

3 – iForex

Currency broker

4 –

This site is a forex broker and provides trading tools. It has 24-hour customer support, and a secure online trading experience.

5 – Forex Capital Markets LLC

This website offers 24 hours online currency trading for institutions and professional traders.

6 – Daily FX

Foreign exchange analysis, currency news updates, FX forum, Currency forecasts and charts.

7 – eToro

Trading platform

8 – Forex Factory

9 – Forex Street

10 – Forex Autopilot

Automated forex trends analysis program.

11- Online Forex Trading

Trader forex with low spreads, FXCM Micro execution, and 1K lot sizes.

12 –

Forex trade teaching website for beginners.

13 – Advanced Currency Markets

14 – Capital Market Services

This website Provides 24- hours online foreign exchange currency trading.

15 – Global Forex Trading, Ltd.

16 – GCI Financial Ltd

17 – Forexyard

18 – Forex Peace Army

19 – AvaFx

20 – Mataf

21 –

22- Hot Stock Market

23 – MQL4

24 – FXDD

25 – Interbank FX

26 – CFTC

27 – Saxo Bank

28 – Live Charts UK

29 – Forex Pros

30 – Forex TSD

31 –

32 – RatesFX

33 –

34 – Finotec Group Inc.

35 –

36 – dbFX

37 – Informed Traders

38 – Go Forex

39 – Finexo

40 –

41 – Alpari

42 – HY Markets

43 – MB Trading

44 – OzForex Pty Ltd

45 – MG Financial Group

46 – BetOnMarkets

47 –

48 – EarnForex

49 – Crown Forex

50 –

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 Best Wearable Gadgets

There are many people around us who are having unconditional love for gadgets.  There is no doubt that gadget makes you look unique, aside from that gadgets have unanimous benefits also. Gadgets entertain us and also keep us connected with loved ones online.

Technology is advancing rapidly and gadget making companies are trying to develop such gadgets which you can carry anywhere along you. The gadget making companies had adopted concept of wearable gadgets. These gadgets are really cool and elegant.

These wearable gadgets will not only satisfy your needs but they also have unique features.

Here is the list of 10 best wearable cool gadgets:

1. USB Heating Gloves

USB heating gloves looks like ordinary gloves for hands, but they have a USB cable along them. You will only have to put that USB cable in your laptop’s USB port. When its USB cable will be plugged in the laptop the gloves will start extracting the heat from your laptop. Within minute or so the heating pads inside gloves will heat your hands and fingers. These gloves are having built in warmth controller, which controls the overheating of your gloves.

Amazing gadget that let you to work in chilly conditions you can work easily without having freezing hands.

2. Wi-Fi Detecting Shirt

 Wi-Fi detecting shirt as from its name it’s clear that it detects the Wi-Fi signals and allows you also to share data. The shirt is having glowing bars at its front which lets you know the strength of the signal. This shirt is powered AAA type batteries, and 3 batteries are used to power it up. After sharing your data just pull out the batteries from the pouch and unhook the animated decal. 

For washing this shirt you will have to take some small precautionary measures. First peel the decal, unplug the battery pack, remove the ribbon connector behind the decal then gently wash it. You can replace all these things after shirt wash and this will not damage your shirt.

3. USB Sunglasses

Calvin Klein USB sunglasses are perfect combination of fashion and gadgetry. No one can know about these glasses that they are having USB drive. The frame of these glasses is having capacity to store 4GB to 6GB data. The glasses are having metallic frame which makes it look cool and attractive.

4. Nike + iPod Sport Kit

A really cool gadget for sport lovers and health conscious people, this will really help them to have an eye on their physical fitness. Nike iPod kit is having a sensor that you simply puts under the sock liner and connects it to your iPod. This sensor the measures your speed, distance covered, time and calories you had burned during exercise or jogging. There is no need to buy only Nike use to use this gadget you can use it with any pair of shoes.

5. iLogic Sound Hat

iLogic Sound Hat is an amazing gadget with built in speakers, just plug its cable to your iPod or MP3and enjoy the amazing sound quality of the integral speakers that are fitted correctly just over your ears. This sound hat will not only protect you from cold winds in winters but you will also enjoy the music of your choice.

6. Fingernail Watch

There are so many types of watches expensive ones and cheaper ones, but no watch can match this unique Fingernail watch. Usually watches are wore on wrist but as from Fingernail Watch’s name it’s clear that its wear on the finger nail. The transparent body of this watch allows it to be fitted on nail perfectly. The digit color on the watch is having glowing feature so that you won’t get any difficulty while checking time on it. You can activate and deactivate its digit colors also. This tiny watch is not s much expensive that put a burden on your pocket.

7. Universal Gadget Wrist Charger

Universal Gadget Wrist charger is really useful for long distance traveling on road. On long distance journeys usually your iPhone, iPod or MP 3players batteries gets exhausted and on road you don’t have any means to recharge them. This wrist charger is really great solution for such situations, just simply plug any compatible device with wrist charger and use it. Universal Gadget Wrist Charger contains lithium-ion battery and a universal port.

Along wrist charger it’s necessary to buy pins compatible to each of your gadgets. Wrist charger will set you free from running out of your device batteries, even while traveling for durations.

8. Interactive Tattoos

Seems stunning that technology can be infused in our blood, interactive tattoos are yet a concept only, but hopefully they will be in real soon in near future. According to its concept interactive tattoos are implemented beneath the skin by doing a small incision. This gadget is having 2 tubes which are attached with an artery and a vein. This allows the blood to flow through them. The blood then in device converts glucose and oxygen into electricity. This process makes a tattoo on your skin which apparently looks like an ink tattoo. Interactive Tattoos is having a small button from which you can turn it on and off.

You can get a thought its affects on your health; it’s not like that this device will monitor continuously blood disorders in your body. This function of device makes it great that it caution’s you on forehand before any major risk to your health.

9. Lightweight Wrist Phone

Now you won’t be having fear of displacing your cell phone anywhere because lightweight wrist phone will be wrapped on your wrist all the time same like a watch. This tiny cell phone is developed by the Samsung and it haves Bluetooth, MP 3 player, speaker hone, touch screen and ability to sync with your Outlook email. Various other companies are making wrist phone also. Cool gadget that you can take anywhere and anytime with no fear of displacing.

10. Solar Powered Jacket

A perfect combination of fashion and technology is Ermenegildo Zegna’s solar powered jacket. This jacket haves solar panels on its upper sleeves. These solar panels of the jacket harness power from sun and convert it into electricity for charging your devices like cell phone or iPod. The solar battery gets fully charged within 5 hours in direct sunlight. Zegna’s solar powered jacket can expensive but that’s not the problem there are some local manufacturers also who make same jackets. Local made jackets will cost you less.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Nokia N-9: What Makes It Different?

Nokia had launched Nokia N9, buts different in Nokia N9 which makes it different than other smartphones? Personally I will consider Nokia N9 rather than Apple iPhone 4S, it’s just because Nokia N9 is different in many ways than other smartphones like iPhone 4S, Android or Windows Phone 7.


The different thing in Nokia N9 is that its running MeeGo OS 1.2, which is an open source operating system platform administered by Nokia and Intel among others. Though MeeGo OS 1.2 is not up to standards of current iOS but it do have some different features like a tri-screen navigation system consisting of apps, notifications and multicasting. Its layout is simple and graceful which gives it a different outlook between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android user interface.

Nokia N9 Journey

 Watch the video and see the journey of N9:

Features of Nokia N9

Nokia N9 has 8Mp Camera with 3264×2448 resolution, autofocus and dual –LED flash. Nokia N9 has all multimedia features like social networking, stereo FM radio with RDS; FM transmitter, games etc.

Here are its features in detail:

  • Memory: Phonebook: Practically unlimited entries and fields, Photocall Call records Detailed, max 30 days Card slot microSD, up to 32GB, buy memory
  • Display: 360 x 640 pixels, 4.0 inches
  • Messaging: SMS (threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Email, IM
  • Connectivity: GPRS Yes EDGE Yes 3G HSDPA, HSUPA WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, UPnP technology Bluetooth Yes, v3.0 with A2DP Infrared port No USB Yes, microUSB v2.0, USB On-the-go support
  • Display Colour: Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
  • Camera: 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus, dual-LED flash

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Technology and Modern Life

There is no doubt in that our modern life is heavily dependent on technology. Just few decades back when there was no internet, no cell phones and no tablets people still live also. That time most advanced thing was television, it’s hard for one modern era youngster to live a life without internet now. In simple words, it can be said that now our life is almost dependent on technology.

There are arguments about that also, according to some technology had made us lazy and some says that it had improved the lifestyle. Many from you will be having different views also regarding that. Whoever says whatever, it cannot have any impact on audience until the audience doesn’t have their own experience.

Here we will discuss pros and cons of technology:

Negative Impacts of technology

Its main negative impact is that technology makes us lazy. You do less physical activities which can lead to some health problems. Before many people wake up early and go for morning walk. But now majority of youngsters sleep late at night and when wakes up before going to washroom they first check their inbox. Another bad impact of technology is “Text Neck”. This is a modern disease caused by using your cell phone or iPhones for messaging. In this disease, one gets pain in head, neck and shoulders. This disease is result of modern technology like cell phone, video game, PC, MP3 player or e-reader. This happens by having constant strain on neck and spine by looking forward and downward on your mobile or any other such device. This can sever impacts on health.

Modern technology sometime also takes us away from our loved ones, while living in home we usually spend time on computer, and ignores our family. This can cause family problems also.

Positive Impacts of Technology

Positive impact of technology is that before which work we do in days now that we can do in hours. For instance, before sending letter we have to write it first on paper then takes it to post office for delivery. It takes several days before reaching the recipient. But now you just logs in on your PC and types e-mail and it takes seconds and reaches the recipient.

We can check our bank account online, now they are at our finger tips. We can know about the world on internet and about incidents which are happening around the world just in seconds.
You can do online business just sitting on your computer and can deliver and receive money or business items. You can remain in contact with your loved ones all the time when you are away from home through the help of your cell phone.

These are the only general positive impacts of technology while it has so many more.

Bottom Line

The positive and negative impacts of technology go side by side. It’s not the technology which is good or bad. The thing which makes it good or bad is our way of using it. Excess of everything is bad, same rule if we apply and we make limits of using it we can avoid its bad impacts. Anyhow, now life is more dependent on technology but it’s in our hands that how we carry along that!

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

10 Best Forex Trading Softwares

Forex trading is the only business which is 24/7. Now there are plenty of softwares for that to help you in this business. Here I had compiled a list of 10 best Forex trading softwares. These softwares will assist you in making Forex trades by offering automation and analysis of forex markets.

Here are the Softwares:

1 – Fapturbo

This is an original automated forex income solution with the possibility to double real monitory deposits within 30 days.

2 – Forex MegaDroid

This software is extract of 38 years learning and experiencing about forex market and what works and what doesn’t works.

3 – Forex Automoney

This is an automatic robot trading system with intraday, daily and weekly market signals.

4 – TradingSolutions

This software includes all technical analysis which helps you to make better trading decisions while combining it with traditional technical data.

5 – Forex Rebellion

This software was basically developed as a real trader which trades this very system on daily basis. It also has a complete step by step strategy to forex trading.

6 – IvyBot

This is another forex robot which was built by the ivy grads that have beaten the market consistently using this system.

7 – Forex Autopilot

This is an automatic forex autotrader and charting software. It generates profits for you while analyzing forex trends.

8 – Forex Bling

This is a proven automated tool and it works based on a complete system to make money in the forex market.

9 – Forex Godfather

It uses a specialized technology and is fully automated solution for trading.

10 – Forex Trend Scalper

This is a forex trading robot which enables you from home to earn consistent profits by just letting your computer run.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

iPhone Controlled Missile Launching Helicopter: Cobra iHelicopter

Cobra iHelicopters are not like ordinary helicopters; they have the capability to launch missiles by having 2 rockets loaded on each side! Just point, and press the fire button, it will hit the target within 2 meters range. Aside from iHelicopters sharp shooting its out look is same like a real Cobra Helicopters.

Here is the video of Cobra iHelicopter:

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10 Stupid Ideas That Really Made Millions

Internet is such a great medium where everyone has freedom to express himself.  There are no rules on internet, though this has some drawbacks, but on whole this is what makes internet most expressive medium. Freedom of expression on internet allowed the people to launch stupid stuff online, as matter of fact some stupid ideas had end up working. These which no one can think to earn a single penny in real life had earned millions online.

Here is the list of 10 stupid ideas that really worked:

1. ShoppingCartAbuse.Com

If this site’s idea is checked through a business point of view it really looks a stupid idea. But good for the owner of ShoppingCartAbuse.Com that it really worked.  This is the description of the website, “The Center for Prevention of Shopping Cart Abuse is an organization dedicated to preventing the pervasiveness of Shopping Cart abuse.” This site gone up online instantly with help of T-Shirts and other commercial interests, even some Hollywood celebrities became part of this online campaign.


That looks awkward selling pixels on website it might be stupid thing to do but this stupid idea had earned millions for Alex Tew. Alex Tew owner of the MillionDollarHomepage.Com never thought that his idea will make him a millionaire. He only started that to earn some money to pay for college.


Every one is familiar with that on internet most irritating thing is registering you on the site which is already free to get access. BugMeNot.Com owner Guy King came with an idea to start a web service which provide instant log ins to free sites like YouTube etc. This idea really got clicked in public as they already were fed up of registration process.


Christmas is in fact a celebration of kids, their excitement and curiosity is always on hype regarding Santa Claus. Sometime it becomes hard to convince kids about real Santa Clause who lives on North Pole. Innocent arguments of little kids make elders confused. This thing made Byron Reese to come up with an idea to set up a real Santa Clause online who can answer kids directly from all over the world. His website SatnaMail.Org given the opportunity to kids to sent their letters to Santa at the North Pole. Every reply from Santa to a kid cost kid’s parent 9.95$, apparently it looks cheap but if you multiply 9.95 with 300,000 responses that last year Santa had replied, you will get the real figure that how much Byron had earned.


Though this is not an online business but it is run with the help of internet. David Marcks who was working in a golf course in 1980s, he observed two things during his job on golf course. One was that geese were quite irritating on golf course; second thing which he realized was that his border collie was really effective for chasing these birds away. He started his business with this idea and earned 2 million dollars. Now he is having his own 27 trucks and 32 dogs.

6. ShitMyDadSays

Being dependent on parents when you are adult becomes sometimes difficult. When you are doing nothing except sitting on PC and using twitter, then of course your father will pass some nice sarcastic comments regarding your activity. Same was case with Justin Halpern, but he used those nice comments of his father and started posting his father’s “wisdom” on his twitter account. “Wisdom” of his father brought success in his life and he started earning money, now he is a millionaire.


Selling sunglasses for dogs is one of the most stupid ideas, but this stupid idea had really worked for Ken and Roni de Lullu. Sunglasses for dogs cannot attract the dog owners to buy them, but Roni and Ken marketed them as UV radiation shield. In result, they got thousands of dog owners, and this made them millionaires. Now they have chain of shops in 16 countries around the world.


We all know that its necessary to wash hands after touching the currency bills because we do not know where it was before coming in our hands. But now its possible to know about currency bill that where it was by logging into WheresGeorge.Com. This website allows you to track the currency bills where they were before coming into your hands. You will only have to put zip codes and currency bill serial numbers. Currently this website is tracking 200 million bills worth over a billion U.S. dollars.

9. FindAGrave.Com

Visiting famous people is difficult as there are so fewer chances you would get chance to meet them in their homes. While visiting famous people who had passed away is much easier you only have to visit their graves. Visiting famous people’s graves is hobby of many people. Jim Timpton taken this idea and launched the website FinAGrave.Com and dedicated it to famous people who are buried anywhere inside USA. This site gives the exact location of famous people’s graves inside USA.


In the beginning of the internet age it was easy to earn thousand of dollars for “dot com” sites if those get attention of the right people. Same is the case with Dmitry Davydov that he got success online but he charged also fifty dollars for each domain name that he came up with. The consumers bought that because they liked it and it was risk free also. Dmitry earned millions through this business.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Remotely Control Your PC with iPhone or iPod Touch

Both of the awesome invents iPhone and iPod Touch has amused thousands of people with extraordinary features. But this feature really makes one feel to buy iPod Touch or iPhone when you can turn any of it as remote and control your very own personal computer. Yes, this is possible. Now make your iPhone or iPod Touch a remote for controlling your PC. Use your iPhone or iPod as remote to control your PC. Install HippoVNC server and HippoRemote lite to turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a remote control. These applications are available free at Apple App Store.

Things you need.

·          Personal Computer with Mac, Windows or Linux operating system. (Here I am assuming that you have Windows 7 OS at your system.)
·          A third party software HippoVNC server installed on your PC.
·          Install HippoRemote Lite application from Apple App Store on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
·          A Wi-Fi router.

Step 1, install HippoVNC server

·      You have to install the HippoVNC server on your personal computer. You can download the software from application developer’s website free of cost.
·          When HippoVNC server download completes at your computer, open and run the software.
·          Select the destination folder where HippoVNC server’s file to be extracted.
·          Now execute the WinVNC.exe file from the folder.
·          Your computer’s Firewall may alarm you during installation, just click allow access.
·          A setting message will appear at the screen during installation, give your authentication password and press OK.
·          Now you need to obtain your Personal computer’s IP address. There are many ways to find out IP address of your computer but you can find IP address by just hovering your mouse pointer over HippoVNC server’s icon in system tray.
·          You need to run HippoVNC server each time on turning your system on but you can use this as service so that it automatically run on starting windows. Just right click on HippoVNC icon in system tray and select Install Service.

Step 2, Connect iPhone or iPod Touch

·          Once you are done with HippoVNC at your PC, you need to connect it with iPhone or iPod Touch.
·          Connect your iPhone or iPod Touch with your home WiFi network.
·          Open the HippoRemote Lite application in your iPhone and click on Add Connection.
·          In next screen type IP address of your PC and the password that you have given at HippoVNC server application in settings and click done.
·          Your computer IP address will appear in Saved Connection now. Just select it to connect with your PC.
·          Now setting page will appear at your iPhone. You can make adjustment to scrolling and traking speed.
·          Click on Trackpad button to use the trackpad. Now you are ready to control your PC. You can use it just with your finger tip. The screen will show you two button. This functions same as your mouse buttons.
·          You can use the keyboard by clicking on Keyboard button.
·          You can utilize both keyboard and trackpad by clicking on split screen button. This will show both the keyboard and trackpad on the screen.

Although free version has limitation in using this application but you can enjoy it’s all features by purchasing it from the Apple App store.

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