Monday, October 31, 2011

Top 10 Cydia Apps

Various apps are now widely used in most of available iPhones. These applications have many interesting and important features. Anyone can access and utilize these apps on iPhone for different purposes. First of all, redsnow software is certainly required to install for unlocking an iPhone. After unlocking an iPod or IPhone, different apps can be added to the handset through Cydia. There are many apps now accessible through Cydia tools. People can choose these best and useful apps for iPhones according to the choice.

There are many applications accessible for iPods and iPhones through Cydia. People can choose and utilize these best applications according to their choice. These applications have many interesting and helpful features for iPhone users.

1. Backgrounder

Backgrounder permits people to play multimedia when use an application. It has many interesting features. This application requires a certain free memory for its functioning. If someone has a light program, then he can easily enjoy with this application.

2. Cydelete

Cydia applications can be removed using this application without entering into Cydia applications. Cydelete will be easily uninstalled the Cydia applications in a few seconds. This is a user friendly application.

3. Dtunes

One can able to download unlimited free mp3 tunes on iPhones using this application. It has many amazing features including searching and downloading of mp3 tunes from various available sources on internet. Users can easily access Dtunes for their iPhones.

4. FontSwap

FontSwap application can be used to change the font in the iPhone or iPod Touch. This application allows people to download the different font packs from different sources on the web. People can easily replace or update the font of iPhone using this application.

5. Fivelrows

This is actually a hacking program for iPhone or iPod home screen rather than an application. It has many helpful features for iPhone users. People can save more icons by changing the default interface using this application.

6. Icy

Icy is a replacement tool for Cydia apps. It has a polite and better interface than Cydia. It is recommended that people should use only one app from Icy and Cydia at a time on their devices. Icy’s stability is not much as it often crashes when both Icy and Cydia are installed.

7. Mxtube

It is a very helpful and amazing application. People can directly download Youtube videos on their handsets using this application. It has many interesting and useful features. However, it is recently noticed that it is creating some problem during downloading of videos. 

8. OpenSSH

This is a very helpful application for transferring of files. People can upload PDF files to their iPhones or iPods using this application. It has also many other interesting features. It has a special feature for creating custom icons on iPhones.

9. Sbsettings

This is included in some important available application on Cydia tools. This application can be used to change the setting of an iPhone. It has many amazing features. People can easily access the settings of their devices using this helpful application. This is a user-friendly and very useful application for iPhone users.

10. Winterboard

It is one of the best applications among all available applications. Winterboard has many interesting and useful features. It can be used to modify the background, status bar, theme, visual styles and dock icons of an iPhone.


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