Friday, October 28, 2011

Top 5 Mobile Car Apps for the Future

Sometimes ago, apps were only dominated in the smartphones. But apps are now become an important part of driving due to smarting up of cars as well. Smartphone apps are usually attached with the electric vehicles. These apps can track the level of charging and control the different functions of vehicle.  Vehicles can able to communicate with the mobiles using built-in software for apps. It can change the way of driving using available car apps as describe here.

1. Leaf iPhone App of Nissan

Nissan is introducing the Leaf iPhone app along with its application. People can easily check the battery life of the cars using this app. Moreover, it can also inform about the required time and cost to recharge the battery. Leaf owners can able to detect the internal temperature. It can also be used to remotely turn on the heater and air-conditioner. It is similarly operated as a remote control. However, people can easily detect the extra heating and cooling spends with the added temperature information application.

2. OnStar Mobile App of General Motors

Mobile app idea of Nissan was greatly inspired the General Motors. Now, apps of GM will also be available for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. It allows the users to track the battery level and provide remote control functions. Moreover, it can send the alerts about recharging of battery. Its users can also remotely open the locks of car doors. GM is collaborated with Google to operate the Volt with Android mobile operating system. It is expected that this collaboration will provide the more integrated functionalities.

3. Sync AppLink of Ford

Ford is recently introduced the Sync AppLink for Android and BlackBerry. Its users can easily be communicated now using voice command control system on mobile apps. Car manufacturers are now looking to develop the software in collaboration with Microsoft. Sync users are not only able to use the voice commands for play music or make calls but can also access the third party apps as well. Ford is using good voice recognition technology in this Sync app. It is expected that Sync can be more integrated with the Windows based automotive as in Ford Fiesta car.

4. ChargePoint App of Coulomb

This iPhone application is now easily available at any electric vehicle charging station. People can easily stop, start and monitor the charging session at station using this app.

5. Strange App Plans of Nokia

Nokia in collaboration with five major car companies is announcing the integrated mobile app specification technology for cars. This is firstly launching in Europe with BMW, Porsche, Audi, Daimler and Volkswagen. It is expected that Nokia will provide the more integrated technology for mobile phone car apps.


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