Sunday, November 6, 2011

Best 10 Fitness Apps for iPhone

iPhone can now be used to get fitness. There are many fitness and health apps available in iTunes. These apps are helpful in tracking of workouts. One can easily find the health tips including exercises and foods for fitness using these apps. iPhone fitness apps provide very useful and interesting information for health and fitness concerns. These fitness apps can be easily utilized on iPhones.

1. EatRight90

It is a handy app if someone wants to keep track of his nutrition. It provides a 90 day fitness plan. It is very useful especially for P90X users. There are many helpful features available in EatRight90 iPhone app.

2. FitView for iPhone

This fitness app can be used for tracking outdoor activities and exercises. It has many features including graphs and visuals for better tracking of progress. One can easily access this fitness app for iPhones.

3. Get Running

This app has a little fun for iPhone users. Anyone can track his running mileage using this fitness app. It facilitates with many interesting features including coaching and encouragement for iPhone fitness app users.

4. Gym Buddy

Gym Buddy is not an exercise guide. However, it is a powerful tool to keep track the gym workouts. It provides unlimited number of plans for gym exercises. Anyone can easily use this fitness app on their iPhones.

5. iTreadmill

It is an innovative application. It gives facility to keep track speed, steps, strike rate and burned calories. This is a user-friendly iPhone fitness app. It provides many useful and interesting features for iPhone users.  

6. iFitness

It is a very helpful fitness app for iPhones. iFitness guides people for daily workouts. It facilitates with videos, pictures, exercises and instructional database. These features provide much useful information to its users.

7. iStayFit

This is a powerful iPhone fitness app. It will guide in track of workouts and design of exercise programs. It has many useful features especially for exercises.  People can check the progress of their daily exercises using this iPhone fitness app.

8. Lose It!

It is a freely available weight loss application. It enables someone to keep track of daily nutrition. It facilitates with qualitative and quantitative daily food consuming tools. People can also set their budget for food using this fitness app on iPhones. 

9. Runmeter GPS Running StopWatch

It is a powerful stopwatch iPhone application. It gives accurate readings of workouts. It encourages someone to move faster and faster. It facilitates with many useful features like graphs, visuals, maps and calendars.  

10. Tap & Track

It enables someone to keep track his amount of calories. It provides information about weight and workouts. People can easily know about their daily consumption of fat, carbs, calories, protein, fiber, sugar and sodium using this fitness app.


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