Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Top 20 iPhone/iPad Photo & Video Apps

iPhone is providing a vast variety of different applications in which there are many games applications, business applications and as well as photo editing and sharing applications. iPhone users use such application for more fun and to benefit themselves. These applications are easily available on Apple Application Stores.

iPhone Applications for Photo Sharing and Editing

iPhone mobiles have their own built in cameras. Most of the iPhones are providing very good cameras with good mega pixels. But still there is always a need for the betterment of the pictures and photos. iPhone is providing many such applications through which you can now make your photos more attractive and advance. Many applications also help you to capture amazing videos by using your iPhone camera. You can also further edit these photos by just using many editing applications.

Best 20 iPhone Photos Applications

There are thousands of iPhone photos applications, through which you can capture videos and pictures with a very good quality. You can also edit them by using these applications according to your satisfaction. Following are the best 20 iPhone applications for photo sharing and editing;

1. Old Booth

You can now change your boring picture galleries into interesting pictures. This small iPhone application will change the appearance of your pictures; even you can give them an old black and white look. To use this program and to make your pictures more attractive, just take a picture from the iPhone gallery and apply a mask from Old Booth. You can adjust the brightness of your pictures and can also rotate them at any angel. You can purchase and download this small application from Apple applications store for only 1.99 dollars.

2. Tilt Shift

This iPhone application is used to move the capturing object or person near and far to the focus. You can adjust your focus on the picture according to your satisfaction and need. You can even focus on very small point on the photograph. This will blur the surrounding areas and will highlight the focused area. This application is available at Apple applications Store for 1.99 dollars only.

3. Camera Bag

This is an iPhone application that enables the user to edit the picture from the iPhone library. This application has eight different effects that you can apply on your pictures. You can turn your photos into black and white effects. You can also manage the contrast and colors of your desired photo. By using this application you can easily crop the desired picture and can take the cropped portion for your use. This application is available at Apple App Store for 2.99 dollars only.

4. Comic Touch

This application is very interesting and it provides you the options to edit your photos. You can insert comic speech bubbles in your pictures and can add interesting comments. This application also provides you instant service so that you can capture the photos and at the same time insert comic bubbles to your pictures. There are many other features also available in this application. You can purchase this iPhone application from Apple App Store for 4.99 dollars.

5. Picoli

This is an iPhone photo editing application. Through this application a user can adjust the brightness and sharpness of the pictures. Beside these options there are also many other options, available in this application. You can purchase your desire application from any Apple App Store for 2.99 dollars.

6. Pano

This is an amazing application by iPhone. You can make some Kolaj work by using this application. You just need to put different pictures in Pano and it will automatically adjust them into a form of Kolaj. You can make interesting portfolios and can surprise your friends as well. You can easily purchase this iPhone application from any Apple App Store for only 2.99 dollars.

iPhone Application for Photo Sharing

iPhone also provides you many applications to share your interesting photos with your friends and family members. There are some details of such applications;

7. Kyte Producer

This is a very interesting application for iPhone users. By using this application you can directly upload your pictures from your iPhone gallery to Myspace, Facebook or to any other social networking site. This iPhone application also enables you to make a slide show of your pictures from your iPhone gallery. You can purchase this application from any Apple App Store.

8. Around Share

This iPhone application is very similar with Kyte Producer. This iPhone application helps iPhone users to upload their pictures and videos on Flicker, Twitter, Facebook and Google Maps. This iPhone application enables the iPhone users to upload and view full resolution photos on their mobile phones. This is a free application and is easily available on Apple App Store.

9. Twitxr

This is also a photo sharing iPhone application that enables the iPhone users to share their interesting pictures and photographs to different online social networking sites. This iPhone application also provides you an online account of Twitxr. You can sign up with this application for free.

10. Pixel Pipe

This is the most famous and advance photo sharing iPhone application that provides more then fifty social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Word Press, to upload your pictures. You can also tag your photographs according to your need. This is a free application by Apple iPhone.

11. Phanfare


This is an advance photo sharing iPhone application that automatically uploads your photographs from your iPhone gallery to Phanfare account. This is an online account. The user does not have to wait for so long to upload the pictures. Phanfare provides you free 1GB storage of your photographs in your online account. This iPhone application also provides the iPhone user, the option of slide show. This is a free iPhone application and is available at every Apple App Store.

Other beneficial Photo applications

There are also many other interesting and useful Iphone application for your iPhone pictures and photos.

12. PicVault

This is an advance iPhone application that hides your secret photographs, which you do not want to show every body. This application provides the iPhone user a secret folder, with some pin code or password on it. You can save your secret and confidential photographs in that folder. Without the access of password no one can see those pictures. This iPhone application is available at Apple App Store for 2.99 dollars only.

13. Night Camera

This is a very common problem that those photographs that are captured during night are blur and are not of very good quality. Night Camera iPhone application helps you to sharpen the light effects during night to make the picture clearer and of good quality. This application makes the camera normally slow and takes almost 3 seconds to capture the photo. This application is available at Apple App Stores for only 0.99 dollars.

14. PhotoCalc

This is an advance application that is used by professional photographers. This is not a sharing or editing iPhone application. This iPhone application helps a photographer to adjust the flash and lens of the camera for better results. This application will do all mathematical calculations that are related to the distance and lens focusing. It is also adjust the light effects accordingly. You can purchase this iPhone application from any Apple App Store for 2.99 dollars only.

iPhone Video Applications

There are also many useful and interesting iPhone applications for video capturing.

15. 12 Seconds

This is a very good and interesting application to make films on your iPhone. You can join your family and friends pictures a film. You just need to put some pictures and an audio file to make your photo film. 12. Second application will automatically make a slide show with an audio recording. This is a free application and is available at any Apple App Store.

16. iPhone Video Recorder

This is a video capturing iPhone application. This application is considered to be the most expensive application of iPhone for recording videos. This application is available at Apple App Store for 24.95 dollars. This application can record a video at a rate of 15 to 18 fps. After recording it automatically creates a compress folder to save the storage drive. It has four different modes.

17. Cycorder

This is a best iPhone application, if you want to convert your iPhone into a video recording tool. This iPhone application uses MJPEG files format. The recording rate is 15 fps. This iPhone application provides a very good and high quality video for the iPhone users. This is a free iPhone application and is easily available at Apple App Stores.

18. Animoto

This iPhone application is a simple video recorder for the beginners. This also helps the iPhone users to make attractive new slide shows with back ground sound effects. This application allows an iPhone user to select more then 20 pictures for the slide show. This application is easily available at Apple App Store.

19. Qik

This iPhone application is especially designed for those iPhone users, who want live recordings of good quality. It is a simple recorder. Bu using this iPhone application you can also share your iPhone videos with your friends and family members.

20. CBS Eye Mobile

This iPhone application allows you to upload your pictures and videos to CBS, citizens’ journalist website. This iPhone application allows you to comment on the latest discussion on the CBS website. This iPhone application also allows you to print your photos as it has in-built printing software.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Top 5 iPhone Apps for Students

There are many mobile phone companies in the market, which are providing different applications for the mobile users. But the best company in mobile phone ranking is iPhone. iPhone is providing many applications for the iPhone users. iPhone provides many applications for businessmen, official administrators, children games and also many useful and interesting applications for the students. These applications are designed according to the minds and abilities of the students.

Best five iPhone Student Applications

There are hundred of iPhone applications for students that can help them to improve their qualities and enhance the educational progress. From the many iPhone applications, following are the best five iPhone applications for the students.

1. My Schedule Lite

The main problem in student life is to manage the time. Most of the students can not manage their time according to the schedule and hence, can not show progress in their educational field. To solve this problem iPhone introduces this iPhone application. This application helps the students to manage their time and make a proper time table schedule. You just need to install your daily schedule in this iPhone application. You can high light the study time, break time and other important lectures timings in your iPhone application. This application will reminds you about your schedule.

2. Study SETS - Psychology Lite

This iPhone application can help you to improve your results and other activities. This application provides you different sets of your courses to make it easy for you to understand the syllabus and course. This application is very useful for all students. A student can make his own dictionary in it by using his own vocabulary. You can make different lists and topics according to your satisfaction for good results.

3. NASA Application

This is the most famous application in students and many students are using this application for their ease and better results. This iPhone application provides you a variety of images and pictures that are related to your syllabus. This application also provides you different related pictures and videos from your syllabus.

You can also collect desired images and videos by using this application. This application also helps you to save important information in your iPhone mobile.

4. Quadratic Master

Mostly students are very weak in mathematics and it is very difficult for them to understand different formulas and equations. This iPhone application is especially designed for those students who can not understand Quadratic equations. This iPhone application can solve any type of Quadratic equation. This application also provides an image of graph for more details and explanations. It is a very useful and interesting application to understand mathematics and different equations.

5. Brain POP featured Movie

This iPhone application is especially designed to solve different question that are related to mathematics, physics and biology. This application provides you different movies and graphs and with the help of these videos and graph it is very easy to solve the questions. You can also download different movies from internet, for more information and knowledge.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

How to Update Facebook & Twitter with Siri?

Siri is the latest feature which is being introduced in iPhone 4S. This is a voice recognition software with which you can perform different tasks by just speaking instead of typing.  There are so many social networking sites and people are using many social networking sites right in one moment. Its little time taking that you update status messages on Facebook and at same time you make tweets also!

How if your message updates on social networking sites just get updated when you just speak out? Siri is an amazing feature in iPhone 4S that can obey your voice commands. But unfortunately Siri is not being integrated with social networking sites.

There is a simple process which you will have to do for integrating Siri with social networking sites.

Here are the steps for integrating Siri with social networking sites.

Siri Integration with Facebook

How to post messages on Facebook by using Siri is not an hard task. You will only have to follow this link while you log into your Facebook account:

Here is step by step guide for Siri integration with Facebook:

1. Mobile Setting

When you open the Mobile Setting page on your iPhone 4S you will then have to select your country and mobile service provider.

2. Activating Your Service

For activating the service you will have to send a text message from your iPhone 4S. Write ‘F’ and send it to 32665.

3. Verification Code


After sending the SMS you will receive a verification code on your iPhone 4S from Facebook.  This verification you will have to enter on your Facebook page as shown in the above picture. About other options which will see on the page those you can select or deselect according to your own will!

4. Authentication of Your iPhone 4S

After inserting the verification code click on ‘Next’ and your iPhone 4S will be verified as authentic device on your Facebook account. Then you can post updates on Facebook.

Also save the number 32665 in your iPhone 4S! Save the name ‘Facebook’ as a First Name instead of business contact.

5. Press & Hold the ‘Home Button’

When you save the Facebook in your contacts on iPhone 4S after that press and hold the ‘Home Button’ for almost 2 seconds.  You will hear the Siri ding then you would have to say ‘Text Message Facebook after that say whatever status update you want on Facebook’. One thing that you must know that your status update should have to be under160 characters, and you speak out the punctuation!

When your dictation to Siri will end you will be shown the final message then Siri will ask you to confirm it, if you will confirm it the message will be sent as an SMS to Facebook. That’s it your post will be updated on Facebook. You can now use Siri for updating posts on your Facebook account.

Siri Integration with Twitter

You can use Siri for updating tweets on your twitter account. Only follow this link:

Here is the step by step guide for Siri integration with your Twitter account:

1. Use Twitter with Text Messaging

Sign into your twitter account and the above given link will take you to the ‘Use Twitter with Text Messaging’ page. Here enter your country and phone number then click on ‘Start’.

2. Send Text Message to Twitter


Type the word ‘Go’ and send it as text message to 40404 to Twitter. You will then get a verification code as shown in above picture.

3. Completing the Verification Process

After having the verification code you will need to complete the verification process. Then your Twitter account will be linked to your iPhone 4S. Save the number 40404 on your iPhone 4S in contacts under the name ‘Twitter’!

4. Your Siri is integrated with Twitter Now

Siri on your iPhone 4S is now being integrated with Twitter now all you will need to do is say, ‘ Send Text Message to Twitter, after that whatever status update you want to send on Twitter’!  Your tweets will go to 40404 and will be automatically updated on your Twitter account automatically.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Technological Winners and Losers of 2011

It’s said that wisdom comes with the passage of time, 2011 is passed but on whole it was not a bad year in perspective of technology innovations. In the field of technology no expectation can be 100% correct because anything can change anytime. There were many good things introduced in market in 2011 and we can expect getting better technology/gadgets in 2012.

I had compiled a list of 2011’s technological winners and losers. First will discuss about the top winners of the 2011:

Technological Winners of 2011

Its not like that any gadget or technology wins which haves have great number of specifications and features. The main thing which counts for success is its user-friendliness.

Technological winners of 2011 are:

1. iPad 2

Apple’s   iPad2 got great success in 2011 though it was pretty much similar with iPad 1 but it was few changes which made it to be successful.

Apple is the company that knows how to attract and satisfy its consumers. iPad 2’ sale in last quarter was 11 million had earned huge revenue for Apple company.

2. iPhone 4S

The most anticipated device in 2011 from apple was iPhone 5 but iPhone 4S was released. Even then iPhone 4S got the success in the market because of its astonishing features like Siri voice control!

Four million iPhone 4S were sold out in the first week of its release. But afterwards there were some complains about iPhone 4S also regarding its Siri feature and battery timing. But on whole iPhone 4S is an impressive phone!

3. Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon kindle fire was most favored product on Amazon sales out. Though there are no exact figures regarding its sale but it had given boom to Amazon.  Android-powered tablet (Amazon Kindle fire) was heavily customized by the Amazon. Because of it $199 price it was bought more for gifting purposes. It may not be the perfect tablet but was good enough to attract the buyers.

4. Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS advanced 8th generation gaming console with 3D game effects without use of 3D glasses and some additional features also was the main things for its success. It supported DSi and Nintendo DS games.

Nintendo products are usually always fairly successful in Japan but Nintendo 3DS sales were amazing in 2011. Nintendo 3DS was having some complains also regarding effects on human body like headaches, arm pain etc. But on whole Nintendo 3DS was a successful gadget in 2011.

5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game was having lot of missions, themes and game play choices. This game was having excellent selling record with 10 million sold out copied till December 2011.  Though Skyrim haven’t got the sky high sales but surely got a big time hit!

6. MAC OS X ‘Lion’ 10.7

MAC OS X Lion 10.7 hasn’t got ant strong competitors in 2011 after its release because Windows 8 was not released by Microsoft in 2011. MAC OS X Lion 10.7 is having lot of innovative features but its price was so high!

Almost 6 million people downloaded the new MAC operating system globally. But there were so many complaints about this OS also which made its sales than it was expected. Anyhow 6 million is not a small figure also.

7. Verizon iPhone and the White iPhone 4

White iPhone 4 was released right after the original iPhone 4. It was           released in two variants a white iPhone and a CDMA- capable phone carrying the Verizon network. Apple is having great influence on the technology market; even a little change in its products satisfies its customers.

Though some people say that there were nothing but just only the color change and small improvisations but this model of iPhone had done well till the release of iPhone 4S in October.

Technological Losers of 2011

A technological success is based on innovations and improvisations which a product offers. While technological failure is judged by comparing the product with successful technological products. Anyhow there were some flop technological products also in 2011.

Here is the list of technological losers of 2011:

1. Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom initially got the boom right after its release and was considered to be first rival of the iPad. This Android 3.1 Honeycomb Tablet got less sales due to of its software. This device was hardly sold out up to 100,000 units in first 50 days. So the company has to lower its price and this Xoom miserable got failed to make its market zoom.

2. Blackberry Playbook

Blackberry Playbook was also considered as a challenging rival for iPad and its designed OS was compatible with apps developed by Adobe AIR. Blackberry Playbook was an impressive device but got failed in market because of its pixels, overheating and other such problems. This playbook hasn’t played good in the market!

3. HP Touch Pad

HP Touch Pad was also a challenging tablet for iPad. This tablet was having solid specifications like the Snapdragon dual-CPU. But it got failed in the market and HP Company has to reduce its price to increase its sales. Even then till month of August its sales were completely stopped.

The things which we learn today help us to do good in future. This was overall review of technology products of 2011 which will enrich your technological memories of 2011.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Top 5 Upcoming Gadgets of 2012

Technology can never have end and every year it brings new innovations and trends. Technology developers and technology users can never get ultimate satisfaction. Everyone wants more innovated devices for the up coming year. When a year is near to end the tech geeks are really restless and thinking that “what would be new in this year?”

Same like previous years 2012 is also another promising tech year. The most anticipated 5 gadgets for 2012 are not having promising date of release but it’s for sure that they will emerge in 2012.

Here are the top 5 most anticipated gadgets for 2012:

1. iPhone 5

There were so much rumors about iPhone 5 release in 2011 but all those ended at release of iPhone 4S.  But still iPhone 5 is not out anticipated gadgets list of 2012. It is expected that iPhone 5 will be released in mid of 2012.

The speculations about iPhone 5 features are that it would be having a larger screen with completely new designs and casing. iPhone 5 could have quad-core 5 processor.

Some rumors about iPhone 5 are that it would be released in 2 variants:

  1. iPhone 5
  2. iPhone 5 Pro

It will be available in white and black colors. Its other predicted features are:

  • HD support
  • More Memory, more storage
  • A5 dual-core processor
  • New antenna
  • 16GB to 32GB storage.

Some people think that iPhone 5 delayed release is for good that Apple can take more time to make a masterpiece.

2. iPad 3

iPad 1 and iPad 2 had already got immense success and its anticipated that iPad 3 will out in 2012. Definitely iPad 3 will be having more advanced features according to rumors around the possible specifications in iPad 3 will be:

·        ARM-based processor (A6)
·        9.7 inch display
·        Dual-LED light bar technology.

An exciting rumor about iPad 3 is that it might be having NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to take on Mac devices nearby. NFC technology is one its kind and it allows the used to transfer the data just in seconds. In its other expected specification is that it might be having more storage capacity with its added 128 GB flash storage option.

The thunderbolt port in MacBook Air and MacBook Pro is very popular because of its speed. There are chances that it might be added in iPad 3 also!

3. The Dell Peju Windows 8 Tablet

Microsoft is having an old association with Dell, and that will bring new windows tablet in 2012. Dell Peju Windows 8 tablet is another gadget to be launched in 2012. The specifications rumored about Dell Peju Windows 8 Tablet are:

  • Windows 7 Pro compatible with Windows 8
  • Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 5 megapixel back camera
  • 1.3 megapixel front camera
  • 10.1 inch wide-angle display
  • USB, HDMI, Audio, Mini VGA, and microSD ports.
  • 5500mAh battery with 6-8 hours battery timing
  • 4GB memory card
  • Storage capacity 64GB or it will be 120GB
  • Bluetooth, 4G,3G, Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Input Systems: Bluetooth, USB Keyboard, Stylus and Touch

This exciting gadget will be the result of Dell’s and Microsoft association.

4. Play Station Vita

Innovative and more better gaming device Play Station Vita of  Sony most probably will be released in February 2012.  This device might be having two versions.

1.      Wi-Fi supported
2.      Wi-Fi Plus 3G supported

It’s expected to be an affordable play station and its other rumored features are:

  1. Quad-core Processor
  2. 5-Inch OLED Touch Screen
  3. Dual Analog Sticks
  4. Dual Cameras
  5. Rear Touch Panel

It’s hard to predict about the gaming devices with the emerging gaming mobile devices. But reputation of Sony is always been good same like Nintendo as they both had done well with games.

5. Cannon’s New High-End Digital Camera

Photographers will be much delighted with Cannon’s new digital photo machine. It will be the successor of the most popular EOS-1D. There are so many rumors about Cannon’s new digital camera release. There are more chances that it might be released in March 2012.

Most rumored features of this camera are:

  • Full 61 Focus Points
  • 18MP Sensor
  • Sensitivity range of ISO 100-51200
  • Fixed LCD
  • 24-70mm Lens Casting

There are also chances that Cannon would release new SLR lens, a new compact video camera with 3 new innovative lenses and a new PIXMA printer in 2012.

Apparently 2012 looks to be a fun-filled year the geeks and gadget lover’s upcoming months will show the results.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

How You Can Make Your PC Work Fast Same as New?

It’s a common problem to PCs slow working. In today’s world when we have to work so much online, a slow PC is just annoying. Usually slow working of a PC is because of some software and some background errors that make the computer work slow. There are some easy ways to fix those hidden problems which will let your computer to work again fast same like a new one.

There are two things which make your PC slow:

  1. Registry Errors
  2. Spyware & Viruses

1. Registry Errors

Every time when you install any software or game on your PC, the software registry in PC is updated with new commands and instructions, which are necessary to run it on your computer.  But when you remove them their registry is not being deleted from your computer. SO in result every time you start your PC those registries try to execute the program, while the program is being deleted already. This makes a registry error which leads your PC work more than its capacity. This results in making your PC slower.

Best Tool for Fixing Registry Error

The best tool for fixing registry error is ARO 2011& 2012. It scans identifies and fixes the registry errors in your PC.  This software will make your PC work same fast as its new. This registry error fixing tool is so easy to install and use.

ARO 2011-2012 is having free and paid versions. You can easily download it online. Its free version eliminates first 100 errors in free. But if your computer is having more errors then you will have to get the paid version. ARO will help your PC to navigate the registry errors and fix them.

Click here for free ARO.

2. Spyware & Viruses

Spyware and viruses are such type of softwares that gets in your computer without your knowledge. The purpose of these programs is to change the default search engine your browser, showing your targeted advertisements, tracking your web surfing habit, using your email address to send out spam to other email addresses and worst is stealing your personal information and data.

Usually your PC gets these Spyware and viruses from files that your download from internet. These Spyware and viruses consumes a lot of your computer’s power. In result your computer gets slow.

How to Avoid Spyware & Viruses?

It’s simple to avoid Spyware and viruses never download any free software programs such as, screensavers, emotions etc. Always download softwares from your trusted websites. Second never open any attachment in your email if you don’t know the sender. Always keep good anti-virus/Spyware removal software on high alert on your computer.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

6 Tips to Increase Android Phones Battery Timing and RAM

Many of you would find that battery of your android phone ends up quickly and sometime it would be hanging while opening the apps. Mostly android phones battery wont lost than a day, and hanging or delayed opening of apps makes us think that the phone is short of RAM or built-in memory.

There are some very easy tips if you follow them you can increase battery timing of your android phone and will make it work much faster.

Here are the tips:

1. Keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Disabled

To make your android phone’s batteries last longer just disable its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Only turn them on when you need to use them. Turning off GPS would be good also but GPS on whole don’t consume much power from battery while it’s not in use.

2. Disable Sync and Remove All Calendars

Disable sync on your android phone when you don’t need it. This will not only save your smart phone battery but it will also make your android device to work much faster.  Lets say you are using Gmail app for managing your emails, for that just sync the inbox instead syncing all labels. You can do this, go to Gmail app> go to Menu->Settings->Labels and only sync your inbox and some number of days.

By removing calendars and only syncing your own one you can save battery life and memory space. To do this just go to Menu->More->My Calendars->Menu->Remove Calendars, then remove all calendars.

3. Reduce Screen Brightness

Bright screen of android phone always consume much battery power, to last your battery for longer period reduce its brightness. If your android phone is having auto brightness adjustment setting then set it on auto. This will make brighter in outdoors and darker indoors. If your android phone don’t have that then go to Settings-> Display->Brightness.

4. Use Static and Dark Wallpapers

Using dark wallpapers will save your android phone’s battery life. As, bright specifically white wallpapers consume more power from your android phone’s battery. Static wallpapers also save        your phone’s battery life. Though live wallpapers are much attractive but they consume much battery power and make your android phone work slow.

5. Kill Unnecessary Processes

The processes which run at the background of your android phone consume much battery life and also RAM. It’s always best to kill those unnecessary processes.

6. Disable the Onscreen Keyboard

If your android phone is having hardware keyboard then disable the onscreen keyboard. This will let your android phone work much faster and more responsive. To disable that go Settings-> Locale & text->Android Keyboard.

Above mentioned are the six easiest tips to enhance your android phone’s battery timing and considerable amount of RAM.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Top 5 iPhone Car Accessories

iPhone mobile accessories are very useful for the drivers and especially for those drivers who drive on long routes. These small devices are also very economical.

iPhone is the best mobile phone in the world. iPhone is providing the best mobile applications. This mobile is famous for its applications. Besides all the attractive and useful characteristics, iPhone is also providing many accessories. There are many accessories of iPhone and the most demanding are car accessories. These accessories are designed under high technology and according to the users demand and satisfaction. These accessories are designed for those drivers who are using iPhones and they want to get maximum advantage from their iPhone, while they are driving a car.

Best Five iPhone Mobile Accessories

There are many good and useful iPhone mobile accessories that are used in cars. Following are the best five iPhone mobile accessories for the car. These are good in use as well as these are very cost effective.

1. iLuv iCC162 Micro USB Car Charger

This is a very famous and useful iPhone accessory. This accessory is used by almost every driver who drives on the long routes. This iPhone car accessory is a car charger for iPhones and for iPod also. All latest iPhones can be charged by using this accessory. It is very convenient to use as it is very small in size. You can also use a USB connection for charging your iPhone and iPod.

2. Satechi Bluetooth Hands-Free Transmitter

This is an iPhone accessory used in cars for iPhone users. This is a very advance accessory for the users and it enables the users to receive and dial hand-free calls. This also connects your car’s sound system with your iPhone music gallery. This provides you a safe drive as you do not need to hold your mobile in your hands while driving.

3. Solio Rocsta Hybrid Solar Charger

This is a very advance mobile charger that is used in cars. This iPhone accessory is very economical and has its own built-in solo device. The solo device is of 1000 mAh lithium-ion battery. This charges your iPhone for a very long time. You can recharge this accessory by using sun light. There is no need to put extra energy for this accessory.

4. K3 Wind and Solar Mobile Charger

It is a very good and interesting accessory for the iPhone users to charge their mobile phones, while driving their cars. This device is water proof. This iPhone accessory enables an iPhone user to charge the mobile by using sun light, wind pressure or boiling water. This accessory is very useful in long journeys. This small device is designed according to the satisfaction of users.

5. Kensington K66627US Windshield Car Mount

This is a very useful and interesting accessory for the iPhone users. This device has its own built-in GPS system. That GPS system activates when you insert your iPhone in this device. You can attach this device on the dashboard of your car. It is very beneficial for the long route drivers.

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