Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 Best Wearable Gadgets

There are many people around us who are having unconditional love for gadgets.  There is no doubt that gadget makes you look unique, aside from that gadgets have unanimous benefits also. Gadgets entertain us and also keep us connected with loved ones online.

Technology is advancing rapidly and gadget making companies are trying to develop such gadgets which you can carry anywhere along you. The gadget making companies had adopted concept of wearable gadgets. These gadgets are really cool and elegant.

These wearable gadgets will not only satisfy your needs but they also have unique features.

Here is the list of 10 best wearable cool gadgets:

1. USB Heating Gloves

USB heating gloves looks like ordinary gloves for hands, but they have a USB cable along them. You will only have to put that USB cable in your laptop’s USB port. When its USB cable will be plugged in the laptop the gloves will start extracting the heat from your laptop. Within minute or so the heating pads inside gloves will heat your hands and fingers. These gloves are having built in warmth controller, which controls the overheating of your gloves.

Amazing gadget that let you to work in chilly conditions you can work easily without having freezing hands.

2. Wi-Fi Detecting Shirt

 Wi-Fi detecting shirt as from its name it’s clear that it detects the Wi-Fi signals and allows you also to share data. The shirt is having glowing bars at its front which lets you know the strength of the signal. This shirt is powered AAA type batteries, and 3 batteries are used to power it up. After sharing your data just pull out the batteries from the pouch and unhook the animated decal. 

For washing this shirt you will have to take some small precautionary measures. First peel the decal, unplug the battery pack, remove the ribbon connector behind the decal then gently wash it. You can replace all these things after shirt wash and this will not damage your shirt.

3. USB Sunglasses

Calvin Klein USB sunglasses are perfect combination of fashion and gadgetry. No one can know about these glasses that they are having USB drive. The frame of these glasses is having capacity to store 4GB to 6GB data. The glasses are having metallic frame which makes it look cool and attractive.

4. Nike + iPod Sport Kit

A really cool gadget for sport lovers and health conscious people, this will really help them to have an eye on their physical fitness. Nike iPod kit is having a sensor that you simply puts under the sock liner and connects it to your iPod. This sensor the measures your speed, distance covered, time and calories you had burned during exercise or jogging. There is no need to buy only Nike use to use this gadget you can use it with any pair of shoes.

5. iLogic Sound Hat

iLogic Sound Hat is an amazing gadget with built in speakers, just plug its cable to your iPod or MP3and enjoy the amazing sound quality of the integral speakers that are fitted correctly just over your ears. This sound hat will not only protect you from cold winds in winters but you will also enjoy the music of your choice.

6. Fingernail Watch

There are so many types of watches expensive ones and cheaper ones, but no watch can match this unique Fingernail watch. Usually watches are wore on wrist but as from Fingernail Watch’s name it’s clear that its wear on the finger nail. The transparent body of this watch allows it to be fitted on nail perfectly. The digit color on the watch is having glowing feature so that you won’t get any difficulty while checking time on it. You can activate and deactivate its digit colors also. This tiny watch is not s much expensive that put a burden on your pocket.

7. Universal Gadget Wrist Charger

Universal Gadget Wrist charger is really useful for long distance traveling on road. On long distance journeys usually your iPhone, iPod or MP 3players batteries gets exhausted and on road you don’t have any means to recharge them. This wrist charger is really great solution for such situations, just simply plug any compatible device with wrist charger and use it. Universal Gadget Wrist Charger contains lithium-ion battery and a universal port.

Along wrist charger it’s necessary to buy pins compatible to each of your gadgets. Wrist charger will set you free from running out of your device batteries, even while traveling for durations.

8. Interactive Tattoos

Seems stunning that technology can be infused in our blood, interactive tattoos are yet a concept only, but hopefully they will be in real soon in near future. According to its concept interactive tattoos are implemented beneath the skin by doing a small incision. This gadget is having 2 tubes which are attached with an artery and a vein. This allows the blood to flow through them. The blood then in device converts glucose and oxygen into electricity. This process makes a tattoo on your skin which apparently looks like an ink tattoo. Interactive Tattoos is having a small button from which you can turn it on and off.

You can get a thought its affects on your health; it’s not like that this device will monitor continuously blood disorders in your body. This function of device makes it great that it caution’s you on forehand before any major risk to your health.

9. Lightweight Wrist Phone

Now you won’t be having fear of displacing your cell phone anywhere because lightweight wrist phone will be wrapped on your wrist all the time same like a watch. This tiny cell phone is developed by the Samsung and it haves Bluetooth, MP 3 player, speaker hone, touch screen and ability to sync with your Outlook email. Various other companies are making wrist phone also. Cool gadget that you can take anywhere and anytime with no fear of displacing.

10. Solar Powered Jacket

A perfect combination of fashion and technology is Ermenegildo Zegna’s solar powered jacket. This jacket haves solar panels on its upper sleeves. These solar panels of the jacket harness power from sun and convert it into electricity for charging your devices like cell phone or iPod. The solar battery gets fully charged within 5 hours in direct sunlight. Zegna’s solar powered jacket can expensive but that’s not the problem there are some local manufacturers also who make same jackets. Local made jackets will cost you less.


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