Friday, October 21, 2011

10 Stupid Ideas That Really Made Millions

Internet is such a great medium where everyone has freedom to express himself.  There are no rules on internet, though this has some drawbacks, but on whole this is what makes internet most expressive medium. Freedom of expression on internet allowed the people to launch stupid stuff online, as matter of fact some stupid ideas had end up working. These which no one can think to earn a single penny in real life had earned millions online.

Here is the list of 10 stupid ideas that really worked:

1. ShoppingCartAbuse.Com

If this site’s idea is checked through a business point of view it really looks a stupid idea. But good for the owner of ShoppingCartAbuse.Com that it really worked.  This is the description of the website, “The Center for Prevention of Shopping Cart Abuse is an organization dedicated to preventing the pervasiveness of Shopping Cart abuse.” This site gone up online instantly with help of T-Shirts and other commercial interests, even some Hollywood celebrities became part of this online campaign.


That looks awkward selling pixels on website it might be stupid thing to do but this stupid idea had earned millions for Alex Tew. Alex Tew owner of the MillionDollarHomepage.Com never thought that his idea will make him a millionaire. He only started that to earn some money to pay for college.


Every one is familiar with that on internet most irritating thing is registering you on the site which is already free to get access. BugMeNot.Com owner Guy King came with an idea to start a web service which provide instant log ins to free sites like YouTube etc. This idea really got clicked in public as they already were fed up of registration process.


Christmas is in fact a celebration of kids, their excitement and curiosity is always on hype regarding Santa Claus. Sometime it becomes hard to convince kids about real Santa Clause who lives on North Pole. Innocent arguments of little kids make elders confused. This thing made Byron Reese to come up with an idea to set up a real Santa Clause online who can answer kids directly from all over the world. His website SatnaMail.Org given the opportunity to kids to sent their letters to Santa at the North Pole. Every reply from Santa to a kid cost kid’s parent 9.95$, apparently it looks cheap but if you multiply 9.95 with 300,000 responses that last year Santa had replied, you will get the real figure that how much Byron had earned.


Though this is not an online business but it is run with the help of internet. David Marcks who was working in a golf course in 1980s, he observed two things during his job on golf course. One was that geese were quite irritating on golf course; second thing which he realized was that his border collie was really effective for chasing these birds away. He started his business with this idea and earned 2 million dollars. Now he is having his own 27 trucks and 32 dogs.

6. ShitMyDadSays

Being dependent on parents when you are adult becomes sometimes difficult. When you are doing nothing except sitting on PC and using twitter, then of course your father will pass some nice sarcastic comments regarding your activity. Same was case with Justin Halpern, but he used those nice comments of his father and started posting his father’s “wisdom” on his twitter account. “Wisdom” of his father brought success in his life and he started earning money, now he is a millionaire.


Selling sunglasses for dogs is one of the most stupid ideas, but this stupid idea had really worked for Ken and Roni de Lullu. Sunglasses for dogs cannot attract the dog owners to buy them, but Roni and Ken marketed them as UV radiation shield. In result, they got thousands of dog owners, and this made them millionaires. Now they have chain of shops in 16 countries around the world.


We all know that its necessary to wash hands after touching the currency bills because we do not know where it was before coming in our hands. But now its possible to know about currency bill that where it was by logging into WheresGeorge.Com. This website allows you to track the currency bills where they were before coming into your hands. You will only have to put zip codes and currency bill serial numbers. Currently this website is tracking 200 million bills worth over a billion U.S. dollars.

9. FindAGrave.Com

Visiting famous people is difficult as there are so fewer chances you would get chance to meet them in their homes. While visiting famous people who had passed away is much easier you only have to visit their graves. Visiting famous people’s graves is hobby of many people. Jim Timpton taken this idea and launched the website FinAGrave.Com and dedicated it to famous people who are buried anywhere inside USA. This site gives the exact location of famous people’s graves inside USA.


In the beginning of the internet age it was easy to earn thousand of dollars for “dot com” sites if those get attention of the right people. Same is the case with Dmitry Davydov that he got success online but he charged also fifty dollars for each domain name that he came up with. The consumers bought that because they liked it and it was risk free also. Dmitry earned millions through this business.


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