Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Remotely Control Your PC with iPhone or iPod Touch

Both of the awesome invents iPhone and iPod Touch has amused thousands of people with extraordinary features. But this feature really makes one feel to buy iPod Touch or iPhone when you can turn any of it as remote and control your very own personal computer. Yes, this is possible. Now make your iPhone or iPod Touch a remote for controlling your PC. Use your iPhone or iPod as remote to control your PC. Install HippoVNC server and HippoRemote lite to turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a remote control. These applications are available free at Apple App Store.

Things you need.

·          Personal Computer with Mac, Windows or Linux operating system. (Here I am assuming that you have Windows 7 OS at your system.)
·          A third party software HippoVNC server installed on your PC.
·          Install HippoRemote Lite application from Apple App Store on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
·          A Wi-Fi router.

Step 1, install HippoVNC server

·      You have to install the HippoVNC server on your personal computer. You can download the software from application developer’s website free of cost.
·          When HippoVNC server download completes at your computer, open and run the software.
·          Select the destination folder where HippoVNC server’s file to be extracted.
·          Now execute the WinVNC.exe file from the folder.
·          Your computer’s Firewall may alarm you during installation, just click allow access.
·          A setting message will appear at the screen during installation, give your authentication password and press OK.
·          Now you need to obtain your Personal computer’s IP address. There are many ways to find out IP address of your computer but you can find IP address by just hovering your mouse pointer over HippoVNC server’s icon in system tray.
·          You need to run HippoVNC server each time on turning your system on but you can use this as service so that it automatically run on starting windows. Just right click on HippoVNC icon in system tray and select Install Service.

Step 2, Connect iPhone or iPod Touch

·          Once you are done with HippoVNC at your PC, you need to connect it with iPhone or iPod Touch.
·          Connect your iPhone or iPod Touch with your home WiFi network.
·          Open the HippoRemote Lite application in your iPhone and click on Add Connection.
·          In next screen type IP address of your PC and the password that you have given at HippoVNC server application in settings and click done.
·          Your computer IP address will appear in Saved Connection now. Just select it to connect with your PC.
·          Now setting page will appear at your iPhone. You can make adjustment to scrolling and traking speed.
·          Click on Trackpad button to use the trackpad. Now you are ready to control your PC. You can use it just with your finger tip. The screen will show you two button. This functions same as your mouse buttons.
·          You can use the keyboard by clicking on Keyboard button.
·          You can utilize both keyboard and trackpad by clicking on split screen button. This will show both the keyboard and trackpad on the screen.

Although free version has limitation in using this application but you can enjoy it’s all features by purchasing it from the Apple App store.


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