Sunday, October 23, 2011

Technology and Modern Life

There is no doubt in that our modern life is heavily dependent on technology. Just few decades back when there was no internet, no cell phones and no tablets people still live also. That time most advanced thing was television, it’s hard for one modern era youngster to live a life without internet now. In simple words, it can be said that now our life is almost dependent on technology.

There are arguments about that also, according to some technology had made us lazy and some says that it had improved the lifestyle. Many from you will be having different views also regarding that. Whoever says whatever, it cannot have any impact on audience until the audience doesn’t have their own experience.

Here we will discuss pros and cons of technology:

Negative Impacts of technology

Its main negative impact is that technology makes us lazy. You do less physical activities which can lead to some health problems. Before many people wake up early and go for morning walk. But now majority of youngsters sleep late at night and when wakes up before going to washroom they first check their inbox. Another bad impact of technology is “Text Neck”. This is a modern disease caused by using your cell phone or iPhones for messaging. In this disease, one gets pain in head, neck and shoulders. This disease is result of modern technology like cell phone, video game, PC, MP3 player or e-reader. This happens by having constant strain on neck and spine by looking forward and downward on your mobile or any other such device. This can sever impacts on health.

Modern technology sometime also takes us away from our loved ones, while living in home we usually spend time on computer, and ignores our family. This can cause family problems also.

Positive Impacts of Technology

Positive impact of technology is that before which work we do in days now that we can do in hours. For instance, before sending letter we have to write it first on paper then takes it to post office for delivery. It takes several days before reaching the recipient. But now you just logs in on your PC and types e-mail and it takes seconds and reaches the recipient.

We can check our bank account online, now they are at our finger tips. We can know about the world on internet and about incidents which are happening around the world just in seconds.
You can do online business just sitting on your computer and can deliver and receive money or business items. You can remain in contact with your loved ones all the time when you are away from home through the help of your cell phone.

These are the only general positive impacts of technology while it has so many more.

Bottom Line

The positive and negative impacts of technology go side by side. It’s not the technology which is good or bad. The thing which makes it good or bad is our way of using it. Excess of everything is bad, same rule if we apply and we make limits of using it we can avoid its bad impacts. Anyhow, now life is more dependent on technology but it’s in our hands that how we carry along that!


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