Monday, January 23, 2012

Top 5 Upcoming Gadgets of 2012

Technology can never have end and every year it brings new innovations and trends. Technology developers and technology users can never get ultimate satisfaction. Everyone wants more innovated devices for the up coming year. When a year is near to end the tech geeks are really restless and thinking that “what would be new in this year?”

Same like previous years 2012 is also another promising tech year. The most anticipated 5 gadgets for 2012 are not having promising date of release but it’s for sure that they will emerge in 2012.

Here are the top 5 most anticipated gadgets for 2012:

1. iPhone 5

There were so much rumors about iPhone 5 release in 2011 but all those ended at release of iPhone 4S.  But still iPhone 5 is not out anticipated gadgets list of 2012. It is expected that iPhone 5 will be released in mid of 2012.

The speculations about iPhone 5 features are that it would be having a larger screen with completely new designs and casing. iPhone 5 could have quad-core 5 processor.

Some rumors about iPhone 5 are that it would be released in 2 variants:

  1. iPhone 5
  2. iPhone 5 Pro

It will be available in white and black colors. Its other predicted features are:

  • HD support
  • More Memory, more storage
  • A5 dual-core processor
  • New antenna
  • 16GB to 32GB storage.

Some people think that iPhone 5 delayed release is for good that Apple can take more time to make a masterpiece.

2. iPad 3

iPad 1 and iPad 2 had already got immense success and its anticipated that iPad 3 will out in 2012. Definitely iPad 3 will be having more advanced features according to rumors around the possible specifications in iPad 3 will be:

·        ARM-based processor (A6)
·        9.7 inch display
·        Dual-LED light bar technology.

An exciting rumor about iPad 3 is that it might be having NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to take on Mac devices nearby. NFC technology is one its kind and it allows the used to transfer the data just in seconds. In its other expected specification is that it might be having more storage capacity with its added 128 GB flash storage option.

The thunderbolt port in MacBook Air and MacBook Pro is very popular because of its speed. There are chances that it might be added in iPad 3 also!

3. The Dell Peju Windows 8 Tablet

Microsoft is having an old association with Dell, and that will bring new windows tablet in 2012. Dell Peju Windows 8 tablet is another gadget to be launched in 2012. The specifications rumored about Dell Peju Windows 8 Tablet are:

  • Windows 7 Pro compatible with Windows 8
  • Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 5 megapixel back camera
  • 1.3 megapixel front camera
  • 10.1 inch wide-angle display
  • USB, HDMI, Audio, Mini VGA, and microSD ports.
  • 5500mAh battery with 6-8 hours battery timing
  • 4GB memory card
  • Storage capacity 64GB or it will be 120GB
  • Bluetooth, 4G,3G, Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Input Systems: Bluetooth, USB Keyboard, Stylus and Touch

This exciting gadget will be the result of Dell’s and Microsoft association.

4. Play Station Vita

Innovative and more better gaming device Play Station Vita of  Sony most probably will be released in February 2012.  This device might be having two versions.

1.      Wi-Fi supported
2.      Wi-Fi Plus 3G supported

It’s expected to be an affordable play station and its other rumored features are:

  1. Quad-core Processor
  2. 5-Inch OLED Touch Screen
  3. Dual Analog Sticks
  4. Dual Cameras
  5. Rear Touch Panel

It’s hard to predict about the gaming devices with the emerging gaming mobile devices. But reputation of Sony is always been good same like Nintendo as they both had done well with games.

5. Cannon’s New High-End Digital Camera

Photographers will be much delighted with Cannon’s new digital photo machine. It will be the successor of the most popular EOS-1D. There are so many rumors about Cannon’s new digital camera release. There are more chances that it might be released in March 2012.

Most rumored features of this camera are:

  • Full 61 Focus Points
  • 18MP Sensor
  • Sensitivity range of ISO 100-51200
  • Fixed LCD
  • 24-70mm Lens Casting

There are also chances that Cannon would release new SLR lens, a new compact video camera with 3 new innovative lenses and a new PIXMA printer in 2012.

Apparently 2012 looks to be a fun-filled year the geeks and gadget lover’s upcoming months will show the results.


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