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Technological Winners and Losers of 2011

It’s said that wisdom comes with the passage of time, 2011 is passed but on whole it was not a bad year in perspective of technology innovations. In the field of technology no expectation can be 100% correct because anything can change anytime. There were many good things introduced in market in 2011 and we can expect getting better technology/gadgets in 2012.

I had compiled a list of 2011’s technological winners and losers. First will discuss about the top winners of the 2011:

Technological Winners of 2011

Its not like that any gadget or technology wins which haves have great number of specifications and features. The main thing which counts for success is its user-friendliness.

Technological winners of 2011 are:

1. iPad 2

Apple’s   iPad2 got great success in 2011 though it was pretty much similar with iPad 1 but it was few changes which made it to be successful.

Apple is the company that knows how to attract and satisfy its consumers. iPad 2’ sale in last quarter was 11 million had earned huge revenue for Apple company.

2. iPhone 4S

The most anticipated device in 2011 from apple was iPhone 5 but iPhone 4S was released. Even then iPhone 4S got the success in the market because of its astonishing features like Siri voice control!

Four million iPhone 4S were sold out in the first week of its release. But afterwards there were some complains about iPhone 4S also regarding its Siri feature and battery timing. But on whole iPhone 4S is an impressive phone!

3. Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon kindle fire was most favored product on Amazon sales out. Though there are no exact figures regarding its sale but it had given boom to Amazon.  Android-powered tablet (Amazon Kindle fire) was heavily customized by the Amazon. Because of it $199 price it was bought more for gifting purposes. It may not be the perfect tablet but was good enough to attract the buyers.

4. Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS advanced 8th generation gaming console with 3D game effects without use of 3D glasses and some additional features also was the main things for its success. It supported DSi and Nintendo DS games.

Nintendo products are usually always fairly successful in Japan but Nintendo 3DS sales were amazing in 2011. Nintendo 3DS was having some complains also regarding effects on human body like headaches, arm pain etc. But on whole Nintendo 3DS was a successful gadget in 2011.

5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game was having lot of missions, themes and game play choices. This game was having excellent selling record with 10 million sold out copied till December 2011.  Though Skyrim haven’t got the sky high sales but surely got a big time hit!

6. MAC OS X ‘Lion’ 10.7

MAC OS X Lion 10.7 hasn’t got ant strong competitors in 2011 after its release because Windows 8 was not released by Microsoft in 2011. MAC OS X Lion 10.7 is having lot of innovative features but its price was so high!

Almost 6 million people downloaded the new MAC operating system globally. But there were so many complaints about this OS also which made its sales than it was expected. Anyhow 6 million is not a small figure also.

7. Verizon iPhone and the White iPhone 4

White iPhone 4 was released right after the original iPhone 4. It was           released in two variants a white iPhone and a CDMA- capable phone carrying the Verizon network. Apple is having great influence on the technology market; even a little change in its products satisfies its customers.

Though some people say that there were nothing but just only the color change and small improvisations but this model of iPhone had done well till the release of iPhone 4S in October.

Technological Losers of 2011

A technological success is based on innovations and improvisations which a product offers. While technological failure is judged by comparing the product with successful technological products. Anyhow there were some flop technological products also in 2011.

Here is the list of technological losers of 2011:

1. Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom initially got the boom right after its release and was considered to be first rival of the iPad. This Android 3.1 Honeycomb Tablet got less sales due to of its software. This device was hardly sold out up to 100,000 units in first 50 days. So the company has to lower its price and this Xoom miserable got failed to make its market zoom.

2. Blackberry Playbook

Blackberry Playbook was also considered as a challenging rival for iPad and its designed OS was compatible with apps developed by Adobe AIR. Blackberry Playbook was an impressive device but got failed in market because of its pixels, overheating and other such problems. This playbook hasn’t played good in the market!

3. HP Touch Pad

HP Touch Pad was also a challenging tablet for iPad. This tablet was having solid specifications like the Snapdragon dual-CPU. But it got failed in the market and HP Company has to reduce its price to increase its sales. Even then till month of August its sales were completely stopped.

The things which we learn today help us to do good in future. This was overall review of technology products of 2011 which will enrich your technological memories of 2011.


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