Monday, January 30, 2012

How to Update Facebook & Twitter with Siri?

Siri is the latest feature which is being introduced in iPhone 4S. This is a voice recognition software with which you can perform different tasks by just speaking instead of typing.  There are so many social networking sites and people are using many social networking sites right in one moment. Its little time taking that you update status messages on Facebook and at same time you make tweets also!

How if your message updates on social networking sites just get updated when you just speak out? Siri is an amazing feature in iPhone 4S that can obey your voice commands. But unfortunately Siri is not being integrated with social networking sites.

There is a simple process which you will have to do for integrating Siri with social networking sites.

Here are the steps for integrating Siri with social networking sites.

Siri Integration with Facebook

How to post messages on Facebook by using Siri is not an hard task. You will only have to follow this link while you log into your Facebook account:

Here is step by step guide for Siri integration with Facebook:

1. Mobile Setting

When you open the Mobile Setting page on your iPhone 4S you will then have to select your country and mobile service provider.

2. Activating Your Service

For activating the service you will have to send a text message from your iPhone 4S. Write ‘F’ and send it to 32665.

3. Verification Code


After sending the SMS you will receive a verification code on your iPhone 4S from Facebook.  This verification you will have to enter on your Facebook page as shown in the above picture. About other options which will see on the page those you can select or deselect according to your own will!

4. Authentication of Your iPhone 4S

After inserting the verification code click on ‘Next’ and your iPhone 4S will be verified as authentic device on your Facebook account. Then you can post updates on Facebook.

Also save the number 32665 in your iPhone 4S! Save the name ‘Facebook’ as a First Name instead of business contact.

5. Press & Hold the ‘Home Button’

When you save the Facebook in your contacts on iPhone 4S after that press and hold the ‘Home Button’ for almost 2 seconds.  You will hear the Siri ding then you would have to say ‘Text Message Facebook after that say whatever status update you want on Facebook’. One thing that you must know that your status update should have to be under160 characters, and you speak out the punctuation!

When your dictation to Siri will end you will be shown the final message then Siri will ask you to confirm it, if you will confirm it the message will be sent as an SMS to Facebook. That’s it your post will be updated on Facebook. You can now use Siri for updating posts on your Facebook account.

Siri Integration with Twitter

You can use Siri for updating tweets on your twitter account. Only follow this link:

Here is the step by step guide for Siri integration with your Twitter account:

1. Use Twitter with Text Messaging

Sign into your twitter account and the above given link will take you to the ‘Use Twitter with Text Messaging’ page. Here enter your country and phone number then click on ‘Start’.

2. Send Text Message to Twitter


Type the word ‘Go’ and send it as text message to 40404 to Twitter. You will then get a verification code as shown in above picture.

3. Completing the Verification Process

After having the verification code you will need to complete the verification process. Then your Twitter account will be linked to your iPhone 4S. Save the number 40404 on your iPhone 4S in contacts under the name ‘Twitter’!

4. Your Siri is integrated with Twitter Now

Siri on your iPhone 4S is now being integrated with Twitter now all you will need to do is say, ‘ Send Text Message to Twitter, after that whatever status update you want to send on Twitter’!  Your tweets will go to 40404 and will be automatically updated on your Twitter account automatically.


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