Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Top 5 iPhone Apps for Students

There are many mobile phone companies in the market, which are providing different applications for the mobile users. But the best company in mobile phone ranking is iPhone. iPhone is providing many applications for the iPhone users. iPhone provides many applications for businessmen, official administrators, children games and also many useful and interesting applications for the students. These applications are designed according to the minds and abilities of the students.

Best five iPhone Student Applications

There are hundred of iPhone applications for students that can help them to improve their qualities and enhance the educational progress. From the many iPhone applications, following are the best five iPhone applications for the students.

1. My Schedule Lite

The main problem in student life is to manage the time. Most of the students can not manage their time according to the schedule and hence, can not show progress in their educational field. To solve this problem iPhone introduces this iPhone application. This application helps the students to manage their time and make a proper time table schedule. You just need to install your daily schedule in this iPhone application. You can high light the study time, break time and other important lectures timings in your iPhone application. This application will reminds you about your schedule.

2. Study SETS - Psychology Lite

This iPhone application can help you to improve your results and other activities. This application provides you different sets of your courses to make it easy for you to understand the syllabus and course. This application is very useful for all students. A student can make his own dictionary in it by using his own vocabulary. You can make different lists and topics according to your satisfaction for good results.

3. NASA Application

This is the most famous application in students and many students are using this application for their ease and better results. This iPhone application provides you a variety of images and pictures that are related to your syllabus. This application also provides you different related pictures and videos from your syllabus.

You can also collect desired images and videos by using this application. This application also helps you to save important information in your iPhone mobile.

4. Quadratic Master

Mostly students are very weak in mathematics and it is very difficult for them to understand different formulas and equations. This iPhone application is especially designed for those students who can not understand Quadratic equations. This iPhone application can solve any type of Quadratic equation. This application also provides an image of graph for more details and explanations. It is a very useful and interesting application to understand mathematics and different equations.

5. Brain POP featured Movie

This iPhone application is especially designed to solve different question that are related to mathematics, physics and biology. This application provides you different movies and graphs and with the help of these videos and graph it is very easy to solve the questions. You can also download different movies from internet, for more information and knowledge.


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