Saturday, January 21, 2012

How You Can Make Your PC Work Fast Same as New?

It’s a common problem to PCs slow working. In today’s world when we have to work so much online, a slow PC is just annoying. Usually slow working of a PC is because of some software and some background errors that make the computer work slow. There are some easy ways to fix those hidden problems which will let your computer to work again fast same like a new one.

There are two things which make your PC slow:

  1. Registry Errors
  2. Spyware & Viruses

1. Registry Errors

Every time when you install any software or game on your PC, the software registry in PC is updated with new commands and instructions, which are necessary to run it on your computer.  But when you remove them their registry is not being deleted from your computer. SO in result every time you start your PC those registries try to execute the program, while the program is being deleted already. This makes a registry error which leads your PC work more than its capacity. This results in making your PC slower.

Best Tool for Fixing Registry Error

The best tool for fixing registry error is ARO 2011& 2012. It scans identifies and fixes the registry errors in your PC.  This software will make your PC work same fast as its new. This registry error fixing tool is so easy to install and use.

ARO 2011-2012 is having free and paid versions. You can easily download it online. Its free version eliminates first 100 errors in free. But if your computer is having more errors then you will have to get the paid version. ARO will help your PC to navigate the registry errors and fix them.

Click here for free ARO.

2. Spyware & Viruses

Spyware and viruses are such type of softwares that gets in your computer without your knowledge. The purpose of these programs is to change the default search engine your browser, showing your targeted advertisements, tracking your web surfing habit, using your email address to send out spam to other email addresses and worst is stealing your personal information and data.

Usually your PC gets these Spyware and viruses from files that your download from internet. These Spyware and viruses consumes a lot of your computer’s power. In result your computer gets slow.

How to Avoid Spyware & Viruses?

It’s simple to avoid Spyware and viruses never download any free software programs such as, screensavers, emotions etc. Always download softwares from your trusted websites. Second never open any attachment in your email if you don’t know the sender. Always keep good anti-virus/Spyware removal software on high alert on your computer.


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