Sunday, January 15, 2012

6 Tips to Increase Android Phones Battery Timing and RAM

Many of you would find that battery of your android phone ends up quickly and sometime it would be hanging while opening the apps. Mostly android phones battery wont lost than a day, and hanging or delayed opening of apps makes us think that the phone is short of RAM or built-in memory.

There are some very easy tips if you follow them you can increase battery timing of your android phone and will make it work much faster.

Here are the tips:

1. Keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Disabled

To make your android phone’s batteries last longer just disable its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Only turn them on when you need to use them. Turning off GPS would be good also but GPS on whole don’t consume much power from battery while it’s not in use.

2. Disable Sync and Remove All Calendars

Disable sync on your android phone when you don’t need it. This will not only save your smart phone battery but it will also make your android device to work much faster.  Lets say you are using Gmail app for managing your emails, for that just sync the inbox instead syncing all labels. You can do this, go to Gmail app> go to Menu->Settings->Labels and only sync your inbox and some number of days.

By removing calendars and only syncing your own one you can save battery life and memory space. To do this just go to Menu->More->My Calendars->Menu->Remove Calendars, then remove all calendars.

3. Reduce Screen Brightness

Bright screen of android phone always consume much battery power, to last your battery for longer period reduce its brightness. If your android phone is having auto brightness adjustment setting then set it on auto. This will make brighter in outdoors and darker indoors. If your android phone don’t have that then go to Settings-> Display->Brightness.

4. Use Static and Dark Wallpapers

Using dark wallpapers will save your android phone’s battery life. As, bright specifically white wallpapers consume more power from your android phone’s battery. Static wallpapers also save        your phone’s battery life. Though live wallpapers are much attractive but they consume much battery power and make your android phone work slow.

5. Kill Unnecessary Processes

The processes which run at the background of your android phone consume much battery life and also RAM. It’s always best to kill those unnecessary processes.

6. Disable the Onscreen Keyboard

If your android phone is having hardware keyboard then disable the onscreen keyboard. This will let your android phone work much faster and more responsive. To disable that go Settings-> Locale & text->Android Keyboard.

Above mentioned are the six easiest tips to enhance your android phone’s battery timing and considerable amount of RAM.


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