Thursday, October 13, 2011

Want to Rent-to-Own a Laptop?

If your laptop is dead and you need a new one, there are a couple of choices besides going for a new one. The best way to get laptop is on rent bases. You won’t have to pay for the new one and your work will also successfully be executed.

Many people think that they can only rent the furniture, cars etc. but you can also rent your TV, computers, PC, and laptops etc. This would be a handsome way of earning as well.


By getting a laptop on rent, you don’t have to spend money on buying a new one. Moreover, if your laptop stops working, you can even ask for another one, because you are paying for the one that works and not for the one which is broken. This is not possible in the case of buying a new one. If your job demands a laptop, you can definitely have it on rent. There is no issue of credit card, loans and stuff. Just go for having a rent-to-own contract for a laptop of your choice.

Getting a Laptop on Rent

It is probably the best option, you chose for yourself. But you must also keep in mind the following issues while having one.

1. Getting All the Accessories

First of all check out if the laptop is new or used one. Make it sure that you are provided with al the required accessories and equipments that may include cable, speakers, charger etc. Also check out the software etc that are being handed over along with the laptop.

2. Paying the Dues

If somehow, you get failed to pay the amount of rent that was to be paid in anyway. It is the right of the rent-to-own store that they can come to your place and take the laptop back. Therefore before having one on rent, make it sure that you can easily pay the amount they demand. Always go for having the lowest charged laptop. Keep in mind your financial limits and expenses.

3. Buying the Rented One

If you have enough money and you think that you are capable of buying the laptop you had on rent, foremost thing is to compare the purchase price and the total amount given in rent. If the purchase price comes out to be less, you can have a new one.

4. Writing Evidences

While having a laptop on rent, have some promises done in writing. This can be regarding the repair and maintenance of the device you are using. Never rely merely on the words of the salesperson.

5. Careful Handling

The laptop given to you on rent is now your responsibility. You must be careful while using it. In either case, you will have to pay for the cost of damage done. Therefore, save if from getting stolen. Use and handle carefully.

6. Net Amount of Rent

Figure out the net amount of the rent you are going to pay. Make sure that it must not be cheaper than the same thing in any way. Be extra careful regarding the prices and issues of this sort.


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