Monday, October 10, 2011

Top 10 Battery Hacks, Tips and Tricks

Most of gadgets gets problem about battery life. Almost everyone will be facing that, here I am giving 10 techniques from which you can get more from your laptop, your iPod, your phone and other devices with batteries.

1. Recalibrate a laptop battery to regain life

If you were using your laptop as desktop and had plugged it in most of time then there is a chance of recalibration of its battery.

Running laptop with off battery then recharging it, that don’t keep the battery’s power meter in sync with actual amount of power stored in the battery cell. For that laptop maker companies mostly recommend that you calibrate your battery at least once every three months.

For calibration process first turnoff your screensaver and other power management settings that put the computer to sleep. After that charge fully your laptop then run it all the way until the computer shuts off automatically.

When battery will be used fully and will drain all the way, then charge it back again and restore your screensaver and power management settings. After the calibration if you find that your battery still runs out of power too soon then its time to replace your laptop battery. Before doing that make it sure to get one that is designed for your laptop model.

2. Make your smart move for power saving

There are applications in Windows and Mac OS X, which help to save your laptop power. In case of Mac sleeping and hibernating can be done with remaining battery power and on Vista, all those Aero effects and background process consumes power so quickly.

For that enter Vista Battery Saver. This small program will save up to 70% of your battery by disabling Aero effects, sidebar widgets and other power sinks. And for Mac OS X there is Smart Sleep which gradually coverts it from sleep to sleep and hibernate. If the battery level is down than certain point it switch to sleep and hibernate which will save 20% of battery power.

Both Vista Battery Saver and Smart Sleep are necessary downloads for saving battery power in laptops and notebooks.

3. Have a Long Battery Life

To have long battery life avoids using laptop battery for few minutes. If you do so then drain it completely and recharge it back fully that will increase life of your battery. Run your laptop on Ac power having battery in, like even if there will be any damage to it that will happen so slowly than power cycling. Use battery fully, recharge battery fully and minimize switching from charging and discharging. These little techniques will increase life of your battery.

4. Keep your Gadgets out of your pockets

Most of people keep their cell phones or iPods in their pocket, so if your cell phone or iPod loses its battery charge too quickly while being idle in your pocket, its because of your body heat. The 98.6-degree body heat of human transmitted through cloth pocket to a cell phone is enough to speed up chemical processes inside the phone battery so in result battery runs down quickly. To prevent that keep your cell phone or iPod in your purse or in belt to keep it cool.

You can use this method in better way when you r away from your without charger, just turn off your cell phone and put it in hotel refrigerator for night that will save your battery charge and you can use your cell phone for more time with out charging.

5. Extend your iPod life

Here are some little things by doing that you can save battery power of your iPod. For that open your iPod’s settings and do the following things:

  • Turn down the LCD and keep its brightness at 10%.
  • When you are not checking data for more than few seconds turn off Wi-Fi.
  • Use 3G less for browsing because using it more you loads data faster but it may decrease your battery life.
  • While playing games on turn off the vibrate.
  • Limit use of A-GPS tracking. Get the directions from map once then turn it off when you forgot, you can see again the map.
  • You can buy songs over Wi-Fi or Apps over 3G but best thing, which I recommend, is that buy those through your computer. While being at your computer you can charge up your iPod.
  • Set the Autolock to 1- minute. The iPhone’s autolock is good at shutting the screen off when placing it in pocket or purse after a call.
  • Use 3D programs less because as I had notices playing 3D games on it battery drops quickly.
  • Set push to off and set fetch Time its better to set it on 1 hour.
  • If you are in car or at computer try to use cigarette adapter or USB cable to pick up few minutes for charge.
Above mentioned tips can be apply to 1st generation iPod running OS 2.0

6. Watch movies from hard drives or from DVD ripping solution

Mostly while traveling we use our laptop for watching movies from DVD but for that laptop spins the DVD, which consumes a lot of power, and battery goes down. For that watch movies from hard drive we recommend HandBrake and there is another Windows-based one-click DVD ripping solution.

7. Turn off your digital camera’s screen

Digital cameras are having edge over film-based cameras that you can watch the scene on digital camera’s screen after shooting it. But that take lot of power from its battery and you r on such place where you cant recharge it then turn off its LCD screen and shoot through the optical viewfinder. By that you will save its battery timing.

8. Get better rechargeable batteries and Charger

As I founded the best rechargeable batteries, which I recommend, are Sanyo Eneloop NiMH AA, Rayovac Hybrid NiMH AA, and Duracell Pre-Charged NiMH AA.

For charger it’s La Crosse Technology BC-9009 AlphaPower Battery Charger. Most of bundle chargers are junk but that one, which I mentioned, is best.

9. Keep iPod working for long

Keeping iPod working for long time and also its batteries just small things are needed to do:

  • Always put it on Hold when you are not using it
  • Switch off nonessentials like your iPod’s backlighting, equalizer and sound check features all consumes power. You can’t avoid using backlight but you can turn off the equalizer while listening songs or watching video.
  • Try to avoid the large audio files. Best audio file size for iPod is under 9MB.
  • Keep it warm because iPod batteries run on lithium ion batteries, which operate best in room temperature. If temperature is low than 32 degrees Fahrenheit then that affects the iPod’s working ability.
  • Keep it charged even you got the new iPod. Its recommended to keep its battery in good shape it should be recharged at least once a month.
  • Keep your iPod updates for those uses the latest iPod Software.
If you follow the above-mentioned tips, your iPod’s battery life will increase and also iPod will work for long time.

10. Turn C batteries into Ds with quarters

There are commercial battery size adapters available, which cost  $1.5 to $3 that can be only used for adapting battery sizes. These adapters makes you free from tension when you are in such place where you cant get C batteries, by help the adapter you can easily use Ds.


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