Saturday, October 8, 2011

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish! - Steve Jobs

If we look at the history of mankind then it will be found there are only few people who changed the world by the ideas and innovations. Such people born in centuries, that’s why human history is having only few, Steve Jobs was one of them. A great person with a great vision who taken technology to pockets of the people.

The list of his achievements is long and that cannot be covered in one small article. So many people had written about him and many will be writing to pay tribute to his services and great inventions. I will only talk here about Steve Job’s speech which he had made at Stanford University in 2005.  That’s the most comprehensive speech of Steve Jobs and it can be called that in his speech he had given essence of his life.

I had figured out on Youtube that millions had seen that speech. That speech is about how his life was started. He told that he never graduated from the college and the experiences that he had during that time period helped him for his inventions.

If we review Steve Job’s inventions we will figure out that he always tried to make the PCs in smaller size. It seems that it was his passion to take the bigger things in your palm. Making things smaller was his passion but no one known that he got the smaller life also.

The speech which I mentioned above in that he talked about death also, he said that every morning he watch the mirror and says “if today is the last day in my life, what I want to and what I am about to do today”. These words from his speech indicate that he was already having in his mind that his life is short. He known every moment of his life that what he is doing and what he want to do.

Battling with his pancreas cancer disease he never let anybody know that he is not well. Dedicated to his work and perfection, such great people are so few in the world who do what they want and achieve the heights of professionalism. Such people born once in a blue moon, they die but their work keeps them alive forever in hearts of people. Steve Jobs died but not his work, the torch which he lightened to show the new horizons of the technology will be showing light to up coming generations.

I will finish this small humble tribute with Steve Jobs’ words as he finished his speech in 2005 “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish!”


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