Friday, October 7, 2011

Google Fax

People can easily send each other important papers and documents through a fax. An advantage of using the fax services, are that, it is quite fast. People do not have to wait for long to send or receive a fax.


With the advancement of technology sending a fax has become simpler. Previously telephone and fax machines were needed to send a fax. However now people can send faxes through Google’s Gmail Service. Below we shall provide the procedure to follow, when, sending a fax.

Verification Tool

The first tip is to have a verification tool. This tool will help you ascertain that the recipient of your fax is in an area, where, a fax can be sent. You will need the recipient’s fax number.

The next step is to go the main website. Once there you will have to click on the “Check Coverage Page.” You will have to write the number and the area code. After that you will click on the option “Check.”


You will have to now check whether the number you typed is in an area, where, the fax service is accessible. You will have to examine the results page to find this out. This page shall tell you whether the number is accessible or not.


If Gmail has been set up already, through Outlook, your life will be much simpler. You will have to click on the link next to “To”. You can then send the fax.

The next step would be to copy the information from the results page. This will be next to the “To” section. The number must be accessible however.

In the event that Outlook is not set up there is no need to worry. You can paste all your information somewhere else. An example would be in the Notepad. You will then have to open a new browser.


Go to the Gmail website. You will have to type in your username and password. At the top of the page, in the left corner, you will select the option of “Compose Mail”. You can then type your message in the blank space.

There is no need to type anything in the “Subject” line. The copied information in your Notepad, can now, be pasted under the “To” bar. You can send the email to more than one person as well.

Type the Email Address

The last step is to insert the email address of the recipient. This will be inserted in place of the word “firstname_lastname”. The word “any_place” should be replaced with the location of the recipient’s.

In this way your fax letter shall also be accompanied with a cover letter. Check everything one last time. You can then press the “Send” button and your fax shall be on its way.


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