Thursday, September 22, 2011

iPhone 5 Release Date: Rumors and Facts

There were so many rumors and announcements for the release of iPhone 5 in this year. From April 2011 to this month of September every month a new rumor comes out regarding iPhone 5 release.

Though iPhone 5 release was announced to be on 5th of the September but again it got late.

Fresh rumors about iPhone 5 launch are that it will be launched on 21st October. Yet it is not confirmed that it will be launched even in October or not. But the fact is that Apple had planned to sell 25 million iPhones by the end of 2011. The surveys regarding iPhone 5 shows that almost 35 percent people are already willing to buy iPhone 5 when it will be launched. According to this latest survey report it’s for sure that iPhone targeted sales by apple will go high at end of this year, after the launch of iPhone 5.

There is a bit confusion regarding the name of iPhone 5, whether it will be named iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S. But that is the fact iPhone 5 is fifth iPhone original, 3, 3GS, and 4. What is the reality? And what will be the name of this 5th iPhone? That is still unknown as strict confidential policy of Apple doesn’t allow providing any information regarding its upcoming device.

Features of iPhone 5

Features of iPhone 5 are:

  • According to source the new iPhone 5 is thin and slim than its previous versions.
  • Larger screen.
  • 8 megapixel camera.
  • Advanced battery with more timing.
  • With iOS 5 operating system that will feature iCLoud.
Apple is carefully planning to launch its new cutting edge product iPhone 5. Hopefully it will out in market by the end of October 2011.


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